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NNP Team Building!!

Circle of appreciation

21st April 2023 was an exciting day for NNP since the NNP Team had a Team Building exercise at Peak Gardens in Lilongwe. The exercise was led by Issac Tembo of SGR Training International. Staff members from the central office and all the staff from the districts joined in on the exercise.

The team took part in a few activities including games like "2 truths and a lie" which was the ice breaker for the team to get to know each other more. Each member had to write two truthful facts about themselves on a piece of paper and one lie, and then the rest of the staff had to deduce which one was a lie. The team got to learn more about each other through this game. "The circle of appreciation" enabled the team to randomly appreciate each other by saying something about the person who was standing next to them on the left. The scavenger hunt and 30 seconds game taught the staff members how to work as a team.

The day finished off with lunch and drinks.

The activities left all the staff members energized and refreshed to take on the rest of the year!

Precious and Valentine