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National Numeracy Programme (NNP) aims to improve student learning outcomes in mathematics, so girls and boys have a solid foundation in basic skills to succeed in the rest of their schooling and fulfil their potential.

To achieve this, the programme is using these approaches:

  • Revising the national mathematics curriculum for lower primary (standards 1-4) targeting ~ 5 Million learners.
  • Training ~ 50,000 teachers on new teacher training strategies (including school-based support structures.
  • Printing and distribution of newly developed teaching and learning materials aligned to the revised curriculum.
  • Piloting and refining the new teaching and learning materials.
  • National Scale up to reach ALL 5,700 SCHOOLS.  

Our Impact so far...

  • Piloted, Printed and Distributed 3,580,239 Learner Workbooks

  • Trained over 12,000 Teachers

  • Distributed 1000+ Tablets to schools

  • Developed and Distributed 42 Instructional videos

  • We reach 343,000 Girls and 336,000 Boys each term

  • We have reached 21 Districts, 119 Zones and 1,101 Schools

  • Developed a Web-based Coaching App

"The workbook is best book I have owned. Workbooks do not make us repeat the same thing over and over again. We always encounter new challenging problems, and we think of how to solve them."

Standard 3 Learner (Chambu Primary School, 2023)