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IWD and launch of the International Women and Girls Strategy in-country Panel Discussion

On 9 March, 2023, FCDO hosted a panel discussion to mark International Women’s Day and launch the International Women and Girls Strategy in-country.

The objective of the event was to gather insights regarding issues around gender affecting women in the different sectors that FCDO works in and to highlight the strong female leadership in FCDO and within FCDO programmes.

The BHC staff were the main audience at the event and the panellist comprised of three people

1. Pamela Kuwali – Country Director, Action Aid
2. Eudosia Andoh – Team Leader, HSJF Oversight Agent
3. Nancy Chidzankufa – Deputy Team Principal, Cambridge Education

Opening remarks were provided by Sophia, the BHC. The panel discussion focused on three main themes, rights, freedom and potential.

Theme: Rights
There have been attempts to roll back on women’s and girls’ rights globally recently such as in Iran and Afghanistan. In Malawi, the fight against child marriages is still ongoing. What are some challenges you are aware of and what would be the most efficient way to work with governments that are resistant to change when it comes to women’s rights?

Theme: Freedom
What needs to change to empower more women and what support is required from the people who can influence change?

Theme: Potential
What are some improvements that you are seeing in your sector and how can these changes be sustained?
If there’s one thing that development partners such as FCDO can do to impact women’s rights and freedoms in Malawi, what would that be?

The panel discussion was followed by a Q and A session.

Some highlights can be found on the UK in Malawi Twitter page